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Amherst College Science Center

The Science of Stereotypes

They say that first impressions are everything – but did you know that assumptions are made about you as soon as the first seven seconds? It only takes one-tenth of a second for someone to decide if you’re trustworthy (Willis & Todorov, 2006). It similarly takes just fractions of a second for them to draw…

We Are the Cosmic Weirdos: Exploring the Role and Function of Dark Matter in the Universe

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On March 29, Presidential Scholar Chanda Prescod-Weinstein gave a talk in the Science Center called “Cosmic Probes of the Dark Sector.” Prescod-Weinstein is an Assistant Professor of Physics and Core Faculty Member in Women’s Studies at the University of New Hampshire. She began her talk by telling the audience that “there are no stupid questions,…

Public Health as a Passion, as a Priority

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Christina Nieves. Photo courtesy of Loeb Center, Amherst College On Thursday, March 10, Christina Nieves ‘10 gave a talk in Pruyne Lecture Hall called “Health Equity in Practice, in a Pandemic: A Career in Public Health.” Nieves was a biology major at Amherst, and she currently works at the New York City Department of Health…