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Amherst College Science Center

Climate Action Plan: Overview

Carbon neutrality by 2030. It is a pledge made by Amherst College to tackle climate change. One of its efforts includes the Climate Action Plan (CAP). For context, Amherst College has been and is reliant on fossil fuels. It went from individual coal boilers to centralized coal-fired steam plant to natural gas to a cogeneration…

Creating Videos, Becoming Politically Active and Adapting to Remote Learning

Pictures of my IG takeover!

Hi everyone! It has been more than an entire month since my last/first post and since I started my internship! I cannot believe that July is over and that in less than two weeks, some of us might be back on campus, starting our classes, and preparing for a new and interesting academic year. Although…

Addressing Climate Change and Racial Justice: Best of Both Worlds

art expressing solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Hi everyone! I am Jeanyna Garcia, a rising sophomore and an Environmental Studies major (though I have not declared yet!). I am an Ecuadorian-American student from Washington Heights, New York City. Although the pandemic has brought the entire city to an abrupt halt, there are a myriad of things New Yorkers can still do for…