Who We Are

Amherst College Science Center


Erko Sakhiyeva | Managing Editor

Major(s): Mathematics and Computer Science

Loves film and photography

Erko is a student from Kazakhstan who enjoys creating practical solutions and is passionate about sustainability. Outside of ASN, she is in Women in Finance and Scholars of Finance.

Megan Huang | Website Director

Major(s): Computer Science and Philosophy

“I have an inordinate amount of plants in my room!”

Outside of teaching and academic research, Megan loves growing plants, creating art, violin, badminton, cute stationary, knitting, and food. She was born in Canada but currently resides in California.

Kyle Hur | Profiles Editor

Major(s): Chemistry and Psychology

“I love red bean mochi buns.”

Kyle is from Southern California and is interested in the intersection between science, technology, and journalism. He loves involving himself with scientific research, science journalism, and community service work.

Ivy Haight | Podcast Director

Major(s): Environmental Studies and Economics

“I met Jerry from Ben and Jerrys in a Ben and Jerrys store”

Ivy is from Seattle, WA and loves the outdoors, hanging out with friends, and learning new things. Outside of ASN, she is on varsity golf, plays club volleyball, works in the office of sustainability, is a Microecon TA, and works in an environmental science lab. She hopes that the ASN podcasts make STEM topics more accessible and fun for everyone!

Pho Vu | WIRED Director

Major(s): Computer Science and Art and History of Art

“I taught myself Chinese and Korean, and took language proficiency exams in these two languages in the US.”

Pho hails from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. She spent two years absorbing Asian languages from her schoolmates’ morning rants in a California high school hallway. Before WIRED, Pho was a Video Editor for The Yonsei Annals.

Rama Balagurunath | Treasurer

Major(s): Prospective Anthropology major

Collects pennies

Rama is from Eastern Massachusetts and loves to craft, go on walks, and listen to French Pop music. Outside of classes and ASN, she runs on ACEMS, is involved with KDSAP, and is a huge Ferrari F1 Fan.

Nathan Lee | Graphics & Social Media Director

Major(s): Mathematics and Computer Science

Has been trying to “get into jazz” for 2 years now

Nathan is from Northern New Jersey. He loves spike ball, design, and piano. He is interested in all things art and will give and take any and all music, movie, and book recommendations.

Nora Lowe | News Editor

Major(s): Prospective English and Environmental Studies

Loves Wes Anderson movies.

Nora is the Editor for ASN’s News Team. Outside of ASN, she is a coxswain for the Novice Club Rowing Team and a member of the Food Justice Alliance. She enjoys eating breakfast foods no matter the time of day.