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Amherst College Science Center

Eli Luberoff, CEO of Desmos, Visits Amherst

A screen grab of Desmos graphing online with an oblong 3D shape shaded red.

By Ryogo Katahira On October 6, a man in his thirties wearing a hoodie and jeans entered a mechanics course classroom in the Science Center. He glanced at the blackboard with its simple energy diagrams while students and professors filed in. His demeanor was entirely casual, but he was the subject of the highly anticipated…

Spectra’s STEM Internship Survival Guide – Academia & Research

How do I pick a supervisor?

Considering applying for STEM internships? Interested in experiences inside or outside of academia? Unsure how to get funding for these exciting opportunities (as a U.S. citizen, international, or undocumented student)? It can be hard to find summer opportunities while studying for midterms and completing coursework. Fortunately, Spectra (Amherst College’s very own Physics, Biophysics, and Astronomy…