Class of 2026

Amherst College Science Center

Amy Zheng

Amy is from Connecticut and loves to draw, read, and watch TV. Besides being a reporter for ASN, she is also an editor/artist/layout editor for The Indicator and a remember of KDSAP.

“I am trying to learn ASL.”

Amy Zheng, Prospective Chemistry major

Moira Newman

Moira is coming from Denver, Colorado and looking forward to working in ASN! She loves plants, music and books, and very interested on scientific research.

“I can play 3 instruments.”

Moira Newman, Biology

Caleb Savoie

Caleb is from New Orleans, Louisiana and plays the tenor/soprano saxophone for the Jazz Ensemble outside of ASN. He loves listening to music and hanging out with friends.

Has an identical twin.

Caleb Savoie, Neuroscience