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Amherst College Science Center

ASN Autocomplete Interview with Professor Rachel Bernard

In this installation of the ASN Autocomplete Interview series, we asked Professor Rachel Bernard of the Geology Department the College’s burning questions, such as: What does Professor Bernard research? How did she meet her partner? What is her favorite book? Watch the video to find out!…

ASN Autocomplete Interview with Emily Ma

What is Emily Ma doing at Amherst? What is Emily Ma’s favorite Amherst memory? Is Emily Ma related to Yo-Yo Ma? Watch to find out!  Special thank you to Kai Zarr and Professor Kim for producing this video….

Q&A with The New York Times Journalist Apoorva Mandavilli

On May 4th, 2021, Amherst STEM Network (ASN) hosted a conversation on science communications with Apoorva Mandavilli. As the Health and Science journalist for The New York Times, Mandavilli has been key in disseminating crucial information about COVID-19 this past year….