Magazine Issues

Below, we have hyperlinked our semesterly magazines so you can access our older articles.

While we too enjoy the feeling of flipping through a glossy, print magazine, we chose to make our semesterly magazine online primarily to reduce our paper usage. In the process of creating these magazines, we optimized this online format to create a more interactive paper for you! 

Here are features to look out for and how to use them:

(1) Table of Contents: Have you ever flipped through pages of a magazine to find an interesting article from the Table of Contents only to realize you flipped twenty pages past it?  To avoid this issue, each article title on our table of contents is hyperlinked to its place in the magazine. So if you find an article you are interested in, click the title and you will be directed specifically to that piece.

(2) Choosing Articles: Do you pick which article to read by finding the most aesthetic layout? That might seem lost on an online platform, but it is still possible! On the toolbar at the bottom of the page, there is an icon labeled "47" called "Thumbnail View." By clicking this button, you can see a small version of all the articles on the same screen.


Specific features to look out for:

HSTEM Logo: One group we decided to showcase in this edition is Being Human in STEM, an initiative spearheaded by Professor Sheila Jaswal to create a more inclusive and equitable STEM community. By clicking the HSTEM logo in that article, you will be directed to the Being Human in STEM website where you can access the resources they have compiled through the years.


Covid Communications: This magazine contains a collection of resources procured by the BCBP400 course to better understand COVID19. While the magazine can only show so much, each student's name is hyperlinked to their specific project so that you can use it in your own life.

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