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Aditi is fascinated by why the world works the way it does: why people think the way they do, how inanimate molecules "know" how to interact, and how humans go about finding these answers. This curiosity led her to found the Amherst STEM Network to showcase the scientific questions answered by the Amherst College community and the resources that could enable our audience to answer questions of their own.



Treasurer/Podcast Director

Julia hopes to interact with other research groups on campus and provide a platform for all students at Amherst to explore the happenings of the STEM community through her involvement with the Amherst STEM Network. She also hopes to bring a little bit of the campus to all the students who are currently studying remotely during the COVID-19 period!

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Creative Director

Joy is really excited to work and lead our graphics team without much graphic design experience herself. It’s been a super fun challenge to work on so many new and different projects, and she's thrilled to welcome more people to the ASN!

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Communications Coordinator/WIRED Director/Psychology Department Editor

Jiwoo joined the Amherst STEM Network to spread awareness regarding the importance of STEM outside of the classroom setting, and interact with the Amherst's scientific community in a more meaningful and interdisciplinary way.

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Media Coordinator

Grace is a second year Pre-Med Biochemistry/Biophysics and Music double major.  After spending her whole life surrounded by science, she is very excited to learn more about what Amherst science has to offer and share that with her classmates through ASN.