of 2023


Angela Li

WIRED Autocomplete/Web Designer

She is excited to document her progress as a developing researcher and learn about the cool research going on around campus. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and and eating southeast Asian food :P

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Brendan Harcourt

Copy Editor

Brendan is a  Neuroscience/English major strongly interested in learning more about different mental diseases and disorders. He joined the Amherst STEM Network to learn more about current student and faculty research projects within a wide variety of fields and to further develop his science writing skills.

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Javier Londono

Biology Department Editor

Javier joined ASN because he enjoys writing and he wanted to help highlight the work of STEM students on campus. He is most excited about being the biology department editor. Javier enjoys listening to music, playing video games, and hanging out with friends. 

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Sarah Lapean

Reporter/Events Calendar Team

Sarah thinks it is all too easy for the humanities and the sciences to drift apart and become separate camps. She hopes to help bridge this divide through the Amherst STEM Network so that anyone from any major will want to check out STEM stories. She is excited to have any excuse to write for fun and to connect with the Amherst community.


Michael Jimenez Sandoval

Website Designer


Sabina Andersen

Copy Editor/Events Calendar Team

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Brandon Kwon

Math & Stat Department Editor

Brandon joined the Amherst STEM Network to immerse himself in the diverse varieties of STEM subjects with the collaboration of other people. He hopes to encourage others to become more involved in STEM-related fields due to their importance to real-world society. Brandon loves to golf, watch Korean Dramas, and eat different foods.

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Hope Tsai

Computer Science Department Editor/Website Designer

Hope has always been interested in the humanities, especially in seeing how abstract ideas affect real people and how they survive and thrive in this complicatedly beautiful world. Her love for STEM came afterwards, and now intersects with her love for the humanities! She joined the STEM Network to share it. STEM plays a big role in humans’ daily lives, just as stories, economics, and culture do, but it can be hard to understand. Thus, she wants to help lower that barrier and is excited to see more people get curious about STEM, just like she has! 


Joanna Idrovo

BCBP Department Editor/Events Calendar Team

Joanna is a sophomore from Connecticut and a journalist for the Amherst STEM Network. She finds that the Amherst STEM Network provides an outlet both for formal and informal writing as well as for exploring various aspects of science, and hopes to provide a similar experience to those who wish to become involved in or learn more about Amherst’s STEM community. When not writing articles or studying, Joanna can be seen playing video games, making crafts, or going on bike rides. 

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Phyllis Odour

Chemistry Department Editor

Phyllis is interested in connecting with the Amherst STEM community and documenting some great projects and research in the STEM department. She enjoys dancing, crocheting, cooking and listening to music.


Skyler Sung