Overheard at the Science Center

Inspired by the @overheard.amherst Instagram account and compiled over the course of the fall semester

“I don’t have any final exams” – a humanities major about to leave campus before reading period

“There isn’t a bathroom close enough to my classroom that I can go cry in during my tests, and it’s really affected my mental health this semester”

“To the people talking and laughing in the back of my chem lecture hall… not everyone took AP chem please I just need to learn what an atom is” – the entire front half of the Lipton lecture hall

“Why doesn’t anyone talk about the fact that the science center just has a giant, square puddle as soon as you walk in?”

“I sleep on these couches more than I sleep in my own bed” – every stem major during finals week

“Can anyone confirm the existence of the greenhouse? I see the big steamy box from the outside, but I think you have to go through a trap door or something” – a senior who has never been to the greenhouse

“I once forgot to take my water bottle and bag of chips out of my backpack when I went into the lab, and those were the most stressful three hours of my life”

“Only the science center would mess up using the alphabet to name the wings – this building is more confusing than the Converse staircases” – a sophomore staring at the map in the science center lobby

“That’s the most terrifying looking spirograph I’ve ever seen” – a non-physics major when walking past the interactive physics display