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Esther Min ‘23, SURF Trapani Lab; Effects of Hair Cell Ablation on Startle Responses in Larval Zebrafish

Leo Xu ‘23, Zahra Shah ‘22, Katie Lingen ‘22, Malaika Kironde, SURF Contreras Group; Networks: Heat, Zombies, and Epidemics

Jonathan Paul ‘22, Peer Relationships Lab, Professor McQuade; Resilience in College Students

Esi Obeng ‘22, SURF O’Hara Lab; Exploring Chaperone Activity Through Alpha-B Crystallin

Chris Kang ‘22, SURF Roche Lab;

BRP and RIM Interaction Research Proposal

Cailin Plunkett ‘23; SURF Follette Lab;

The Accreting Objects Database

Nathan Grove ‘23, SURF Jones Lab; Earthquake Preparedness and Indigenous Oral Traditions in the Pacific Northwest

Angelina Han ‘22, SURF Martini Lab; Authigenic Clays & Dolomite Formation

Danny Jeong ‘23, SURF O’Hara Lab; Molecular Library of Estrogen Receptor Ligands

Lynn Fu ‘22, SURF Carter Lab;

Histone Wrapping: How does a nucleosome core particle form?

At the end of every SURF session, the fellows gather and present their research. The 2020 remote SURF experience was quite different. With summer researchers located around the world, it was impossible to completely replicate these culminating presentations over Zoom. Instead, the program coordinators tasked students with sharing their summer work in just 3 minutes through

3 Minute

Research Talks

Isabelle Caban ‘23, SURF Jones Lab; Fluvial Responses to Climate Shifts Through the Holocene

Given the success of the SURF 3 Minute Research Talks, this project was extended to all members of the Amherst College community conducting research. Students engaging in research outside of Amherst and professors took the challenge of sharing nuanced research in an accessible manner in just three minutes.

Here are some of those videos, which concisely explain the research of the Amherst College community.

Nick Govus ‘22, SURF Kaplan Lab; Computer Science Memory System


Sophie Koh ‘22, SURF Hall Lab;

Designing a Wireless Environmental Monitoring System for a Bose-Einstein Condensate

Alison Weiss ‘23, SURF Hunter Lab; Designing a Phase Shifter to Scramble Molecular Dark States

Dagim Belete ‘22, SURF Edwards Lab; Why look at Amoeba moving?


Yaa Obeng ‘22, SURF Trapani Lab; Understanding the Function of Auditory Hair Cells in Zebrafish

Abdullahi Mire ‘22, SURF Hansen Lab; Exploring Promising New Mechanisms of Drug Delivery

Autumn Lee ‘23, SURF Olshansky Lab; The Lifetime of Quantum Dots

Calista Sha ‘23, SURF Marshall & Leung Lab; Quantum Mechanic Calculations for Microwave Microscopy

Phyllis Oduor ‘23, SURF Trapani Lab; 

Understanding the role of lateral line in startle responses

Ethan Spingarn ‘23, SURF Hanneke Lab; Lasers and Circuits and Complicated Experimental Procedures, oh my!

Joanna Idrovo ‘23, SURF Carter Lab;

How does the nucleosome core particle form?