of 2022

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Charlie Blue Arm


Charlie joined ASN because he is really interested in communicating scientific information to the general public, in particular talking about the merging of STEM and humanities at Amherst.

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Douglas Appenzeller


Doug is excited to combine his interests in science and writing, and learning how to communicate about science in a clear and accessible manner.

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Vivian Wei

Website Designer

Vivian joined Amherst STEM Network because she is interested in helping spread information about the STEM community to the general public through accessible and engaging web design.

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Chinedu (Chris) Chukwura

 Website Designer

Christopher joined because he is interested in web development. He has done some through platforms like square space, but wants to further his skills. He is most excited about learning more in that field, and getting to know people along the way!

Sean Dube Profile Picture.jpg

Sean Dube

Website Designer

Sean loves making videos to post on Youtube and saw that the Amherst STEM Network advertised an opportunity to learn web development and graphic design. Sean feels this are skills that will benefit him in the long run and decided to send a message. Sean is really excited to be able to learn about the Amherst STEM Network and help it move forward. He enjoys meeting new people and can't wait to get started.

Yuen Azu Profile Picture.jpg

Yuen Azu

Website Designer

Although Yuen finds researching to be her main career aspiration, she also desires to share the joys (and trials) of science. She joined the Amherst STEM Network to help engage the public so that everyone, not just those already in the scientific community, can understand and appreciate what Amherst is doing in STEM.