Kai Z.

WIRED Autocomplete Editor

Kai joined ASN because he enjoys making and editing films. He is most excited about making the Autocomplete Interviews and helping editing them.

Kai likes Star Wars, biking, and playing the piano.

Sally + Rachel + Sophia.png

Professor Sally Kim

WIRED Autocomplete Advisor

Professor Kim is thrilled to work with the Amherst STEM Network to launch the new Amherst College Autocomplete Series. She is hoping it will be a novel way for everyone to learn more about the faculty and staff associated with Amherst STEM.

Professor Kim loves to create things, such as procrastibaking, cooking, knitting, making art and playing music, along with reading, doing puzzles and hanging out with Rachel & Sophia, the lab, family, and friends - both new and old.


Jess Martin


Jess Martin joined the Amherst STEM Network as an avid supporter for promoting diverse and inclusive storytelling around the subjects of STEM at Amherst.

Jess Martin has been writing creatively for the stage, and currently she explore this through songwriting and performance.

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Sarah Mattison-Buhl


Sarah loves to connect students with opportunities. She I believes in nurturing growth, creating possibilities and inspiring discoveries.

She is a botanical watercolorist and former art teacher with a bachelors degree in museum studies. She is curious about ethnobotany, historical foodways and abandoned places.


Professor Sheila Jaswal


Dr. J loved the ASN mission of sharing research, pedagogical innovations and associated happenings of Amherst student, staff, faculty and alum scientists as soon as she heard about it. She kept bugging Aditi and the E board with story ideas and advice so they finally let her join. She is most excited about how ASN is a hub for keeping the STEM community abreast of what’s happening and bringing us together even in pandemic times when we are far flung and need connection all the more.

Dr. J loves reading (mostly via audiobook when she can’t fall asleep) nonfiction, listening to the On Being podcast and facilitating solidarity groups for Loretta Ross’s online classes.